Breaking Down My Favorite e-Commerce Website

Posted on 20 July 2016

When I built my first eCommerce website, I spent hours of research evaluating websites across different brands. The most visually stunning and consumer friendly website I found is is a company that creates “Self-Help” products. The company crowd-funded their principal product, the “Self Journal”, and has sold almost 30,000 journals to date.

Many companies struggle with the transition from the Kickstarter platform to the e-Commerce market, however, Bestself co. absolutely crushed it. Here’s why:

1. A visually stunning, intuitive, and conversion-friendly home page.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.01.34.png
1st home page slider
Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.01.38.png
Right underneath the sliders, “Favorite Products”
Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.01.41.png
Favorite Products (cont.)
Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.01.47.png
Underneath “Favorite Products”, they display PR citations and the company blog.
Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.01.53.png
A VERY cool widget showing their community, which provides great credibility!


Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.01.56.png
Another cool and unique widget for testimonials

2. The purchase process is FAST

Too many clicks and you’re bound to lose customers. Below are some screenshots of how quick and easy it is to purchase their products.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.02.05.png
1. Click BUY NOW
Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.02.39.png
2. The pop-up window is very effective
Screenshot 2016-07-20 12.56.26.png
3. Checkout–Conversion complete!

3. Their creative assets RULE!

Each picture, image and copy grab the eye of the consumer. These guys spent ALOT of time making sure each component of the website is top notch.



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