User-Generated Content: “They” Want More

Posted on 03 August 2016

User-Generated content is the most powerful and effective form of content a brand can utilize, but for some reason, brands “just don’t”. Offerpop conducted a survey where 85 percent of users find visual UGC more influential than brand photos or videos, simply because they want a friend (or friends) to see it.



So the question is

What can we (the brands) put out there that will motivate our consumers to share?

Our Latest User Generated Photo

So to answer the aforementioned question, this is an opportunity for me to brainstorm for our brand. MYFaith Tool Users will share:

  • A contest that will give free prizes in exchange for sign-ups
  • Our new product launch with new features and colors.
  • A new PODCAST Launch
  • Artistic contest: customers would sketch a page in our planner and submit it, the winner would have their page inserted into the 2017 edition


Most brands choose the easy way out by just serving content that can be created instantly. UGC takes planning and campaigning, which in turn takes time. In today’s technology driven environment, keeping up with the pace without burning out is definitely a challenge.

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