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You need to make it to your son’s soccer game by 5pm, have dinner on the table for your family in an hour, wait a minute, can you squeeze in a 30 minute workout before you finish up the presentation you have to give at work tomorrow? You got this – did you forget anything?

We all have busy lives and sometimes we lose sight of Christ. Victor Delacruz can relate.

After 4 years of military service, Victor moved to Manhattan in 2014 to get an MBA, and also, to chase his dream as a jazz musician. The pressures of the Big Apple quickly got to him and depression soon followed. The anxiety caused by the pressure to be successful was suffocating.

He thought diving deeper into the spectacles of the city and trying new things would help, but becoming busier only made matters worse.  He was lost.

Realizing he needed to involve Faith into his daily goal-setting, planning and journaling routine, he created the Christian Planner: A dynamic productivity tool centered around Christ. Victor started to schedule time with God into his routine every day and he realized he wanted to help others do the same thing.  

From adventures of getting through a Master’s degree, scheduling more time for prayer, he hopes The Christian Planner will help Christians live out their dreams and lead a fulfilling life.


About Victor

Victor Delacruz, a former youth minister and Air Force Officer, currently resides in New York City. He is an entrepreneur, public speaker, certified personal trainer and graduate student at New York University.

For speaking inquiries, email Victor at victor@christianplanner.com


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